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I don’t think it accidental that Aziz Nafisi, when she was in Iran, chose to write her thesis on a topic that most Americans would find unusual: the American Michael Gold, who in the 1930s wrote “Without Money.” Nor does it any longer surprise me to find Iranians abroad, who left when the Shah fell, or who have managed to get out subsequently, who seem interested in Israel, even exhibit a sympathetic understanding of it, in a way that no Arab Muslims I’m not including apostates such as Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan or undeclared apostates such as Fouad Ajami have. In a way, Israel is a token, a token of their break with the mind forged manacles of Islam. Israel, then, is not only itself, but also a symbol a symbol, among other things, that the Middle East does not belong to Islam, that there are peoples other than Muslims who were, and are, still here.

Another influence he has cited is the television series “ER,” which is syndicated in Romania. But where “ER,” has “movement in every direction,” he writes in the production notes, Romanian doctors move “in slow motion,” as if they had all the time in the world. The director is also a self confessed hypochondriac, and his channeling of his neurosis into the film lends it an extra intensity..

Son sonidos que permiten imaginar el largo recorrido de la ruta, la tranquilidad de una pradera, la cadencia del ferrocarril (qu vaya si ha marcado varios g musicales), el trabajo en el campo, el bar parador cantina pulper o similar. Aunque siempre habr quien reniegue de la m folkl en favor del rock, como expresi musical tiene una innegable ra rural. A as a la llamada m “country” norteamericana (o Country Western, bluegrass, americana, old time y dem variantes) nunca le pude entrar.

Sin embargo, es Segel quien con un devastador monólogo termina definiendo a Wallace mejor que nadie y quien más hondo cala. Según Wallace, su adicción no pasaba por la heroína o por el alcohol. Su adicción era la televisión y el consumo por inercia del flujo de información que lo detenía en una suerte de hoyo negro (pre explosión de Internet y las redes sociales), sumada a su aversión ante la eventual evolución de la tecnología.

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