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Igualmente, le agradezco la cordialidad de los comentarios sin insultos ni descalificaciones. Léase la legislación en materia lingística catalana, y verá como garantiza el derecho y obligación de conocer ambas lenguas por igual. Sólo desde el desconocimiento puede alguien tratar de imponer su lengua en todo el territorio nacional, y acusar a los demás de […]

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The abstractness and pensiveness of that question suggest something of what makes Allawi an interesting person but also what makes him a frustratingly ineffectual politician. Meanwhile, Maliki was reaching out to potential allies while staying confident that the longer he lasted, the less likely a coalition without him would arise in Iraq’s distrustful, dysfunctional political […]

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This is a sample for bank reconciliation statement. Format of bank reconciliation statement. Introduction to Bank Reconciliation Process: Bank Reconciliation Template This. The league responded to Monday night’s physical Steelers Bengals game with suspensions for Smith Schuster for his open field block on Vontaze Burfict, which came with a taunt, and Bengals safety George Illoka […]